Conveyor and elevator installations. Hydraulics, pneumatics. Mobile & static machinery altered or removed. Marine vessel mobilisation support.


Specialist shaft work. Installation of Alimaks and cranes and underground garage servicing equipment. Pipe range installation. Water control and ventilation.


Drilling and grouting. Diamond core drilling. Anchor bolting. Rock Drilling. Soil Bolting.

Mechanical Mining Drilling Services

Our Mechanical Mining Drilling Services range from workshop based construction, fabrication and refurbishment on mechanical and electrical service to site based construction, fabrication, installation, maintenance and refurbishment to client designs.

Mechanical Mining Drilling Services

Civil Engineering & Tunnelling

Rock Drill Repairs

Mechanical Installations

Marine Installations

Drilling & Grouting

Shaft Installation & Repairs


Projects undertaken include:

  • Hydraulic upgrades, fault finding and repairs.
  • Rock Drill refurbishment, maintenance, hire or exchange.
  • Onsite construction, installation, fabrication, maintenance and refurbishment of equipment to a variety of clients.
  • Installation of pumps, pipes, conveyors, ventilation equipment, underground workshop equipment, (cranes, electrical installations and vehicle servicing equipment).
  • Installation, servicing, mobilisation and demobilisation of deep sea drilling equipment and pile top drilling.
  • Repairs, refurbishment, renewal and maintenance of clean water and sewerage equipment.
  • Drilling and grouting to form ground water barriers to control water seepage.
  • Diamond core drilling for the installation of pipe work, cables and services through masonry structures.

In practice we are equipped to deliver projects from inception to completion utilising only our own staff and equipment, incorporating the undertaking of all ancillary tasks to finish the job. In short we provide a complete package.