Shaft Installation & Repairs

Shaft Installation & Repairs, we have played a massive part at lisheen mine specially when it came to shaft work

Shaft Installation Shaft InstallationShaft Installation

We have installed everything from:

  • Ventilation fans.
  • HT single suspension cables.
  • Cables suspended every 20meters.
  • Alimak lifts.
  • Pipe ranges up to 10” diameter.
  • Slickline pipe ranges for transferring concrete underground.
  • Garlon rings for containing water that runs down the shaft.
  • Concrete repairs, mesh and shotcrete.
  • Drilling and grouting, grout and chemical applications.
  • Everything from installation to removing all the equipment and decommission the shafts for closure.

With our 110% safety record and hitting all targets before time we pride ourselves on been one of the best at these types of projects!! 

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