Civil Engineering & Tunnelling

Our Services Include

  • Underground mechanical installations
  • Drill and blast tunnelling
  • Underground caverns and civil structures

M&D Projects Uk has the expertise to take on any civil engineering and construction work. With a massive understanding on safe construction methods we aim to hit all targets on time and with no fuss. This is achieved by owning highly maintained machines and equipment, but most of all having the highest quality of trained staff in our team.

We can turn up the same day to assist or to take charge of any project,

Civil EngineeringCivil EngineeringCivil Engineering


We have all our own drilling and bolting equipment, from basic pneumatic to hydraulic drilling equipment up to the latest ATLAS COPCO Twin Boom Jumbo Drill Rig, for all drill and blast projects. We have a single boom and basket ideal for drilling and bolting or for installation work, drilling and grouting in tunnels or caverns. We have a single boom rig ideal for installing rebar or rock bolts at a low level or probing for water.

All these machines are a must for most civil engineering jobs. These can also be hired from us with or without a skilled operation team to back it.

We have been involved in some major civil structures from the installation and formwork of concrete corbels for 2 large gantry cranes to sit on. The collar support of a 45meter shaft that we installed an emergency stairway in with landings and cages every 9 meters. This was built from top to bottom supported from our concrete plinth around the shaft top, large columns for two 7meter high air direction doors to hang off,


  • Water diversion & air diversion.
  • Bolting for hanging cables or ventilation ducting.
  • Conveyor supports.
  • Ladder ways or staircases in shafts.


  • Drilling and grouting to manage water egress.
  • Concrete repairs to damaged sides or worn walls
  • Replacement mesh and patching up.
  • Shotcreteing to stabilize bad ground

We really can offer a massive service and huge solution base when it comes to shaft work.